Cayenne Pepper Capsules

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EarthWise Organics Herbal Remedies cayenne pepper capsules are prepared by an experienced herbalist from certified organic cayenne pepper, 35,000 HU.

Carefully prepared by hand, each capsule contains 350 mg of pure herb. There are no added or artificial ingredients, colors, or fillers in our capsules. The capsules are sized 00, non-GMO, and of completely natural ingredients.

All EarthWise Organics Herbal Remedies products are:

  • gluten free
  • made with completely natural ingredients
  • from certified organic herbs
  • shipping included
  • no sales tax

Good for 1 year from date of purchase. Includes a handwritten expiration date on the label.

General Use

One to three capsules per dose once, twice, or three times a day. Always start with a lower dose and increase as needed.

Herbs are like any other medicine; they need time to build in the system. Please give your product 2 - 3 weeks for maximum effectiveness.

Cayenne has long been acknowledged as a valuable medicinal herb. It's main constituent, capsaicin, works on several levels to promote circulation and relieve pain.

Cayenne pepper is an excellent herb for promoting circulation, supporting healthy veins and arteries, and reducing arterial plaque buildup. The benefits are due to capsaicin, which acts as a vasodilator, or blood vessel expander, as reported in a Science Daily 2010 study. Plaque contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease, and the consumption of cayenne peppers daily may promote these valuable healing benefits.

The American Cancer Society states the use of capsaicin is also promoted as a healing agent for stomach indigestion, cramps and diarrhea.

Pain relief
Cayenne pepper is also useful as a method of relieving discomfort, such as muscle and joint pain. Capsaicin works by interfering with pain receptors. NYU Langone Medical Center states the capsaicin in cayenne peppers initiates the release of a chemical called substance P, the substance that communicates pain to the brain. When applied topically, your body temporarily blocks the transmission of pain signals at the injury location, alleviating the pain sensation.

Our herbs
As an independent online herbal shop, we pride ourselves in providing high quality products. All EarthWise Organics Herbal Remedies items are made with certified organic herbs. We never use chemically processed, altered, or genetically modified herbs, so you can be assured what you receive is the freshest, purest, and most potent organic herbal products available.

All of our herbs are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs, one of the largest and most reputable bulk herb sellers in the country. Located in the beautiful state of Oregon and certified by several organizations including the USDA, MRH has built its business around providing the purest herbs available. EarthWise Organics Herbal Remedies is proud to offer such exceptional herbs.

About Us
All EarthWise Organics Herbal Remedies products are created using certified organic herbs in small batches to order by me, an herbalist of 20 years’ experience. They are delivered in sealed containers for your safety and are hand dated on the label, an EarthWise Organics Herbal Remedies trademark. When you see that date written in the producer's own hand, you know you have the freshest, most potent herbal product available.

EarthWise Organics Herbal Remedies has completed over 4,000 transactions across several online venues and brings years of online selling experience to each and every order. You can be confident your order will be carefully packed and shipped with the same attention to detail your product was created with.

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