Alcohol Free Tinctures

We've been working hard to create a traditional non-alcohol tincture that works as well, if not better than, alcohol-based tinctures, and here they are.

  • Non-alcohol tinctures need acidity to extract
  • Processed twice to double the strength
  • Organic apple cider vinegar for added benefits
  • Forgotten tincturing method
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To understand why alcohol free tinctures aren't widely available, lets look at what alcohol does for tinctures. When plant material is introduced in an alcohol/water mixture, the alcohol pulls the plant's constituents (oils, tannins, etc) out of the plant. It's the same principle as steeping a cup of tea. But because alcohol is much stronger than plain water, many more of the good plant properties are extracted. That's why tinctures are so much more potent than tea made with the same herb. Much more of the good herb properties are in tinctures than a simple steeped tea and makes alcohol-based tinctures potent and effective.

Glycerites are alcohol free tinctures made from vegetable glycerine rather than alcohol. They are sweeter than alcohol-based tinctures and are alternatives for children, pets, and those sensitive to alcohol. The problem with glycerine-based tinctures is vegetable glycerine is not effective for extracting plant constituents because of it's mildness. They are less potent and less effective. That's why glycerites are not widely available, which is a problem. Buyers have been asking for alcohol free tinctures for years, and I always feel their frustration when they share with me how long they've been looking. Now I can do something about it. After 20 years researching traditional medicine and a year of study through the Herbal Academy of New England, I've created an alcohol free tincture that's both effective and potent.

Here in the Appalachian Mountains long ago alcohol was not always available or wanted. With no access to modern pharmaceuticals, people used their own traditions and ingenuity to create medicines that worked, medicines that used acids to extract rather than alcohol. They learned that vinegar could be used to preserve the helpful properties of herbs the same way it preserved foods during pickling. They are called vinegar tinctures, and with the help of some old herbals and new technology I've created vinegar tinctures that are as effective, if not more so, than alcohol tinctures. By using certified organic apple cider vinegar as the acid for extracting the precious plant constituents that make tinctures work, and a double extraction process that builds the extracted properties to twice their strength, these alcohol free tinctures are both potent and effective. They even have the added health benefits that come with organic apple cider vinegar, something many people know of today.