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Oat straw (Avena sativa), wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum), and alfalfa leaf (Medicago sativa). This combination of herbs provides a complete nutritional supplement that includes the following macro and micro nutrients as detailed below.

Alfalfa is valued for its mineral and protein content and includes: Minerals such as Calcium 32.00 mg, Copper 0.157 mg, Iron 0.96 mg, Magnesium 27.00 mg, Manganese 0.188 mg, Phosphorus 70.00 mg, Potassium 79.00 mg, Selenium 0.6 mcg, Sodium 6.00 mg, Zinc 0.92 mg.
Proteins and amino acids such as Protein 3.99 g, Isoleucine    0.143 g, Leucine 0.267 g, Lysine 0.214 g, Threonine 0.134 g, Valine 0.145 g.

Oat straw is a very nutrient dense herb best known for its abundance of calcium 300 mg, magnesium 420 mg, and silica 210 mg. It also contains a whopping 2,235 mg of potassium.

Wheatgrass is rich in vitamins, including Vitamin A 1500 IU, Lycopene 29.0 mcg, Lutein+Zeaxanthin 291 mcg, Vitamin C 7.0 mg, Vitamin E 320 mg, Vitamin K 35.0 mcg, Thiamin 11.0 mg, Riboflavin 260 mg, Niacin 252 mg, Vitamin B6 39.0 mg, Foic Acid 35.0 mcg, Vitamin B12, 0.1 mcg, Pantothenic Acid 36.0 mg, Choline 5.0 mg

Most effective when taken with food. 300 mg.

  • certified organic herbs
  • completely natural ingredients
  • non-GMO
  • no fillers, starches, or yeast
  • gluten free

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