Tinctures on a regular schedule

Often, when we find the right tincture for us, the one that works well and gives us the results we want, we order that same item multiple times. In fact, I’ve had buyers order the same products on the same day month after month. These are the orders I could almost fill by heart. Once I see the name, I pretty much know what and where to send it.

Most of these buyers, my regulars, and I have had many email conversations about the results they are trying to achieve and what I think could help them. Of course, this doesn’t include diagnosing illnesses or prescribing specific products. My role is more like a pharmacist who guides folks toward products they might find useful rather than prescribing products like a doctor. Many times my advice has turned into a regular monthly order. Other times folks know exactly what they’re looking for, they like the quality and shipping time of my products, and they become a regular buyer without ever contacting me. That’s great, too.

These are the buyers our new program is created for, those buyers who need a specific order month after month. EarthWise Monthlies takes care of processing and shipping a regular per-determined order the same time each month. Just choose the products you want and the number of months you’d like to receive them, and you’re done. We take care of the rest.

Here’s how it works.

Browse our Monthlies catalog for the items you want to receive.

Choose the number of months you wish to receive them.

Sign up for the program with our easy online form and the email address on your PayPal account.

Pay the invoice you receive from us.

And of course every Monthly ships free.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. There’s also the option of cancelling early or changing your products if you decide to try something else. Just let us know. We’re here to help.

As we continue to develop our new service, we’ll post updates about it. We’re still working hard to decide the best way to implement our new Monthlies program.