Our Products

Hi, and welcome to EarthWise Organics Herbal Remedies. We are independent producers of herbal products specializing in liquid extracts and herbal capsules. I and my partner, who is also my daughter, have worked for a decade refining our unique form of extraction that utilizes nature instead of machines. In 2019 I formalized my learning and completed an herbal training course through Herbal Acadamy based in Bedford, Massachusetts. It was a great way to refresh my knowledge and research while updating older information.

EarthWise Organics Herbal Remedies products are only available through Etsy and Ebay where we maintain online shops. The links to each are below.

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Our products start with quality certified organic herbs from reputable dealers in the US. I’ve worked with these companies for years, and they have my full confidence. Herbs from Starwest Botanicals, Monterey Bay Spice Co., and Frontier Co-op are the foundation of all EarthWise Organics products. We then use alcohol distilled from sugar (no grains) mixed with purified water to pull the healing constituents from the plant material.

Extracts, not tinctures

Our plant to menstruum ratio is 1:2. That means for every ounce of plant material there are 2 oz of liquid. The 1:2 ratio makes our liquid herbal supplements extracts instead of tinctures which use a 1:4 or 1:5 ratio. The lower ratio of liquid means there’s more of the healing ingredients per ounce of product than with a tincture. The aroma is stronger, the taste is fuller, and they work faster.

How to use

EarthWise Organics Herbal Remedies liquid extracts are taken in ml with mg references. Each bottle contains a measured dropper showing ml. The directions on the bottle state how many ml a dose is and the mg it equals.