A new kind of subscription service

Today is a new day. We feel it, too. During the past year, as we pulled together and sometimes pulled apart, we here at EarthWise Organics learned a lot. We felt a lot, too, things like hope, frustration, love, and sorrow. I personally learned much about my buyers, what they need, what they want, and just as important, what they don’t want. All these lessons and experiences sat with me during 2020 and a bit beyond.

As we continued to work, fill and pack orders, and answer emails and questions, a plan was forming in my mind. How can I make this process of caring for health easier. How can I help my buyers shed some of the more tedious aspects of online shopping and free up some much needed time. Then it came to me. I can offer a new kind of subscription service, a service completely in my buyers’ control, a service that would save my buyers money, time, and frustration. EarthWise Monthlies was born.

EarthWise Monthlies is a new kind of subscription service. If you purchase herbal products on a regular basis, this service is for you. EarthWise Monthlies is a pre-purchased plan that offers our most popular herbal products, all made with certified organic herbs, on a reliable schedule without the hassle of reordering. There are several plans to choose from that allow flexibility and choice. The plans can be cancelled at any time, and you can even change your choice of products as many times as you want, or you can keep your choice set for the full term.

We’re all very excited about this new service and hope to launch it in September of this year. As we work toward our first Monthly, we’ll be building the site to support not only information about us and our products, but a full and complete description of our service, the different plans, and a sign up page. The service will be payable through PayPal only. Other payment options may be added later, however.

Thanks so much to our loyal buyers and those who gave us a shot over the past eight years. As we evolve and change we’ll continue our presence on Ebay and Etsy. Check for us there. I’ll post updates about our new service, so check back now and then. We look forward to seeing you.